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These are what I live for.

As well as:
My friends, my family, and my other friends (in my head).

Setpember 22nd, 1995: The day it all began for me.

Fangirl Challenge: [11/40] Female Characters » Thea Queen
“I’m sorry if I turned out some major disappointment, but this me is the best I could do with what I had to work with.”

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Olicity AU

Oliver and Felicity are out on their first official company outing as a married couple.Oliver has been fussing over Felicity all week and she’s had enough. 

Blaming himself is one of Oliver’s superpowers

Felicity Smoak in Arrow 2.5 comics, issue #2


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After 17 season’s of Pretty Little Liars, A is revealed and captured. The girls hug each other in a safe embrace, but are interrupted by the faint noise of a text. They read it aloud and stare into the distance, “It’s my turn, bitches -B”.

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I’d like to issue out a challenge, something both fun and enlightening. I want to prompt the people in two of the fandoms I’m writing for who read and don’t write. I challenge you to try your hand in writing a short fic based on a prompt I personally give you.

You’ll go through the same process we do when writing and publishing the fic, and waiting and hoping for reader feedback/response. But also you’ll have fun with it and make something great - and who knows, may you’ll find you’re good at creative writing. (Or confirm that you actually do suck. Just kidding!)


  • Oliver x Felicity
  • Jake x Amy

Rules and guidelines below:

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tip for 6 year olds: dont do TOO well in elementary school, your parents will expect those 5 years of grades for the majority of your school life

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my only experience with drugs was an encounter with a pot brownie my freshman year- by mistake.

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I will ship worldwide and pay for shipping
One winner will be chosen at random on September 15th, 2014. 

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